My First Everything2 Dream (tm). Apologies to those involved. No noders were hurt during the making of this dream.

I woke up in the middle of the night, realising that Sensei and Jinmyo were downstairs in the kitchen. I could hear them complaining that my knives were not sharp enough, as they opened up bottle after bottle of wine, and I could see their shadows stretching up the stairs from the over-bright light there. I pulled the duvet up around me, and wondered how to warn them about the lion that was in the corridor. If I shouted out, I'd wake the lion up, and it would eat them. If I crept down the stairs to warn them, the lion would pounce and eat me.

Eventually I had the answer: I made a handful of different origami birds, and found some cat crunchies in my sock drawer, so that I could bribe the lion into placidity. By the time I got downstairs, the lion was under the kitchen table, eating noodles. Sensei and Jinmyo had gone, but had taken a small stack of books, so I assumed that they had escaped unscathed. I hope I was right.