It's appropriate that this garlic-themed restaurant is located in North Beach, the Little Italy of San Francisco, at 325 Columbus Avenue. The Stinking Rose: A Garlic Restaurant operates a lucrative merchandise shop along with its food business, thoroughly distinguishing itself as a gimmicky tourist trap. The menu is an assortment of standard American surf and turf, all seasoned with overpowering quantities of garlic. As an example, the chicken breast entree contains 40 cloves by itself. Where Thai restaurants keep a jar of oily sambal chili paste at every table, this place offers potent jars of fresh garlic pesto for spreading on the house bread. Even the ice cream contains garlic. People either love this restaurant, or they don't. Garlic aside, the food is otherwise average, with the service somewhat below average, especially on busy nights.

However, not every dinner out needs to be a transcendental experience, so people who enjoy the taste of garlic will probably have a great time visiting this establishment, especially if they can handle being largely left alone for the next few days while garlic seeps out of their every pore. This was the reason the housemates on the San Francisco season of MTV's The Real World decided to have their Valentine's Day lonely hearts dinner there.