Their coffee beans are roasted at their Roasteria location on Denny Road, just off Broadway in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Their location on Broadway proper is just a coffee cart, which also serves great espresso drinks, but is hardly as awe-inspiring as the cafe at the Roasteria.

Famous not just for their insanely great espresso, the baristas there also take the time to pour a swirly rosetta pattern of milk foam in every cafe latte. Even the caffeine-addicted zombies who stumble in for their morning latte fix have been seen taking a moment to admire the barista's handiwork before drinking away their withdrawl headaches.

The purist who runs the joint is David Schomer, a veritable fanatic about the art of espresso, who writes and speaks extensively about the best ways to consistently make "una bella tazza di caffe". For anyone who gives a damn about pulling the perfect shot, his book, Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques, is a must read.

I used to enjoy Espresso Vivace beans at home only sporadically back when I bothered to make the three hour drive to Seattle, but now that I've gotten a few friends to go in with me, we've been able to scrape up a weekly order for their two-pound shipping minimum. The orders typically arrive at my office in Portland within a day of being roasted. My officemates are so jealous, even though most of them would never bother to make their own espresso at home.