Recently, all I remember are disappointments.. Sometimes, it feels like my life is always the same, I look forward to a cool event, and I get disappointed. However, these are small disappointments, and I have a pretty nice life as a whole.. Gotta keep it in perspective.

  • Member of the opposite sex A and I were going to go somewhere to hang out and confuse people. Didn't happen.
  • Member of the opposite sex B and I were going to spend a day off from school together. Didn't happen.
  • Member of the opposite sex C and I were going to meet at six flags. Didn't happen.
  • There was going to be a Lan party today. Didn't happen.
  • I bought a used car yesterday. This morning I went to a parking lot to learn how to drive stick. After it died a few times it would not start again. Dead battery. My fault though -- I didn't take the car to a mechanic before I bought it. I figured since it was a friend of a friend's, the seller would inform me about any problems with the car..
  • My mouse has a short in it, causing the first button to sometimes report itself as up when I hold it down.. very annoying.

Well, in less than 6 months I should be attending college, in my own apartment, and free. Let's hope this happens!