After a weekend and the first day of spring break filled with work, a chess tournament, and six flags.. I went home and crashed for 14 hours. I had a dream.

I went to work (a local arcade) and it turns out the owner had added a cafe to our business. I talked to him and he said we were going to go out of business for a week, and open up with a new name, and pretend to go into new management. This way we could win back all of our customers who had gotten fed up.

After work I went behind the store. I found a car, and I was very excited as I knew it belonged to no one, so I could take it. (I do not have a car.) I hopped in, but I was in the passenger's seat. The car started driving and I happily waited for a few hours.

Then I realized that I didn't know where the car was going. This was a very dire situation so I decided to call my friend Nancy. It was 4 am in the morning, so I wanted to make sure I was waking her up for a good reason. I thought to myself, "This could just be a dream. I don't want to call and wake her up if this is not really happening to me." Then I thought, "This is too real. There is no way this is a dream. My life is in danger." So, I called her up. She said, why don't you drive the car? And I did..