To determine your Myers Briggs Type Indicator, you can do two things.

1. Take a short online test.

2. Answer these questions.

Where is your primary source of energy?

From the outer world of activity, and spoken words


From the inner world of thoughts and emotions

The former: Extroversion, denoted by the letter E.
The latter: Introversion, denoted by the letter I.

Everyone has a balance between the two factors, however, you should lean more strongly towards another. Here is a list of some words associated with each factor to help you decide:

Extroversion: social, expressive, many, broad, interaction, outward, action before thought

Introversion: private, quiet, few, deep, concentration, inward, thought before action

Now choose an answer and remember the letter. Do the same for all the following questions.

How do you prefer to take in information?

In the form of facts and details


In the form of patterns and overviews

The former is Sensing, denoted by an S.
The latter is iNtuition, denoted by an N.

Sensing tends to be interested in concrete reality, focusing on the present, and seeing what is, rather than what might be.

The preference for iNtuition gives a greater emphasis on insight and the future, focusing on what might be, rather than what is.

Sensing: facts, details, present, practicality, enjoyment, realism, using

iNtuition: possibilities, overview, future, innovation, anticipation, idealism, changing

How do you prefer to make decisions?

On the basis of logic and objective considerations


On the basis of personal values

The former is Thinking, denoted by a T.
The latter is Feeling, denoted by a F.

Thinking: analysing, objective, logical, criticism, onlooker, decides on principle, long term view

Feeling: sympathising, subjective, personal, appreciation, participant, decides using values, immediate view

How do you prefer to organise your life?

In a structured way, making decisions and knowing where you stand


In a flexible way, discovering life as you go along

The former is Judgement, denoted by a J.
The latter is Perception, denoted by a P.

Someone whose preference is Judgement prefers, in their lifestyle, to make decisions. This means that they prefer to make decisions about what to do, where to go, what to say, and so on. As a result of these decisions, their lifestyle appears organised.

Someone whose preference is Perception prefers, in their lifestyle, to learn or experience new things. This means that they prefer to find out more, rather than making decisions, and are more comfortable when they keep their options open. As a result of this openness, they can appear flexible.

Judgement: close, decide, structure, organize, firmness, control

Perception: open, explore, meander, inquire, flexibility, spontaneity

Working out your prefrence

Just smack your four letters together and you got it. Now check out summary of mbti types and look up your type. Or, choose a detailed description:


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