i closed my eyes and saw rain droplets, i'd forgotten the way they would cling to the screen in my window that never quite fit properly but still allowed for the most beautiful arrangement of fallen liquid. i've seen something like it, in a painting or, a photograph, which exactly i'm not completely sure but my memory is drifting hopelessly to the light that made its way through the scattered rain and into my bedroom, into tired, weak eyes.

today there were trees. there are always trees but today they seemed helpless. i would have hugged them were it not for misplaced misused energy (do i need sleep? did you count the smiles.. i lost track.)

inserting a questioning glance after each and every idea that slipped from thought to words.. today i thought of you, and closeness, your breath or, mine escaping moist lips as they are wont to wander along a neck, an earlobe, yours, of course. i do not control the emotion that hides in my eyes and so, it is there for you.. always.

tomorrow there will be sun, and the trees will breathe and live again, despite a loss of green. and still i miss you. always miss you..