I woke up with you on my mind. I miss you, damn you for being so damn amazing. When you move, when my time frees, we can be together and watch a sunset or stare at constellations all night while talking about moonbeams and shiny happy thought'y matter. Time Machine would come in handy to speed it all up.

I'm home today. My boss is at corporate in San Mateo this week, and told me to only come in a few days to check on things. I decided that monday wasn't going to be it. Why am i awake you ask? Because I'll get some stuff done, like um.. check e-mail. I figure I'll go in on Tuesday through Thursday to check up on the office. Friday I'll be in New Jersey, staying at my parents' house and then going to NYC the next early week for an IEEE Multimedia Conference. Whee.

I had a fun night last night. I met up with masukomi at Tealuxe in Brookline to have some tea and chitchat for a bit. She's pretty neat. Expanding my circle of friends is something I enjoy doing. That is all.