So a Ranger platoon was moving through a valley on ops one day, when the Lieutenant spots a single Marine on the top of a hill. The Marine is making lewd gestures at the Rangers, which the Lieutenant finds insulting ('After all, *I* went to Westpoint'). The Lieutenant instructs his Platoon Sergeant to have a Ranger go and get the Marine for a good tongue-lashing.

As the Ranger approaches the Marine, the Marine jumps back behind the hill where the Lieutenant cannot see. The Ranger follows the Marine over and there commences howling and screaming and dirt flying into the air.

When the scene quiets, the lone Marine returns to the top of the hill and continues his tirade of gestures, now involving the Lieutenant's mother as well (escalation of violence).

The lieutenant is very angry now and directs four of his men to retrieve the Marine and bring him to justice.

As the Rangers approach the Marine, the Marine once again jumps behind the hill and the Rangers follow him over. Once again, there is howling and screaming from behind the hill with more dirt and now flesh and hair as well flying into the air.

When it is quiet again, the lone Marine reappears, looking none the worse for wear.

The Lieutenant is enraged. He orders the rest of the platoon to charge the hill and 'Bring me that Marine!'

The scene is the same, and after the fighting dies down, a lone Ranger crawls back over the hill and up to the lieutenant to report:

"Sir ..." he struggles to say, "it's a trap, sir...There's two of them!"