The Filthy Critic is the most honest film critic that I've ever had the pleasure of reading. The moniker filthy is an apt description - the language is coarse and...well...filthy.

That said, it's also honest. The "Whore of the week" on the left side of the page serves as a great reminder of how corrupt and meaningless the current critics are. Frankly, the best movie reviews I've found in the last few years were Ain't It Cool News, Filthy Critic, and Council of Doom pages on the SpaceGhost website. Cartoonnetwork has since shut down the SpaceGhost pages so I've got just the two.

Filthy is great on a number of levels. The first is that it's an honest critique of the movies, meaning that he'll (explicitly) say what and why he did or did not like about the movie. If harsh language offends, don't bother reading - but the harsh language is part of the charm. Being upfront about his reason for liking and disliking a movie allows you to draw your own conclusion, rather then most reviews which obfuscate their reasoning, I've found.

Lastly, it's really really funny. Mrs. Filthy is excellent.

You can read it at: