Otherwise know as Whitworth Park.

This is a halls of residence run by the University of Manchester in which both Manchester uni and UMIST students reside.

It gets its name from the shape of the different blocks (or houses are they are called) of flats. They are most definately shaped like those delicious chocolatey bars and it looks like the builders just carried them in and dropped them in random places using a rather large crane.

Although they were no doubt designed with they idea of conserving heat, the ergonomic arrangement of the flats meant that I couldn't figure out how things all fitted together for about 2 years. The heat retention design also meant that no matter what time of the year, it was necessary to go around in shorts and T-shirts while inside due to near tropical conditions. It didn't take long for me to figure out that if I wanted a glass of tap water at below body temperature, I had to leave the tap running for a while.