Tonight the cops came and knocked on my dorm room because some people came in through the front door "smelling of marijuana", and so they wanted to search the three of them. Basically, one kid got caught with about 2 grams, such a moron, for a plant.
So, I'm pretty confused about why I am living in a place where the police really do control my life, through either oppresive presence, or a general fear of police on campus. I've had to fuck with the campus cops 3 times by now, they all know me. Fucking assholes. I'm going to get shot, they are going to fill my dead body with bullets, and the cop who hit me first, who took my final breath, he will be promoted, and his pay raised, and him and his family will be so happy that they move to a nicer neighborhood, and decide to have another child, Rose if a girl, and Dumbfucker if a boy.