I'm going to be more social.

I ned to make friends here on campus, if I don't I'll be miserable and stay miserable. I've decided that I want to be happy, and that happiness doesn't come from being idle, it doesn't come from stasis. I'm ready to make friends, and I've been making as much effort as I can in order to keep myself sane. This place can be good, I can be happy here. I just have to allow myself to settle in, to get comfortable, and make this place my home.

I lost my book bag, which contained a notebook which I had been filling up with writing and drawing, and had some paintings in it. The cover of the book was nice and fuzzy and bobcat skin print. Also in my bookbag was a few condoms, and maybe some nice pens. I really don't know where it is.
It was a green Eastport with two side pockets, and a small middle pocket, the straps are curved and black, and there is a small patch on the part of the bag that goes against your back. The patch is a small oriental character and the word "chaos". If you see my book bag, please return it to me, because I want my notebook and my backpack. You can have the condoms if you want.