Twitch MacTweakquirk

Twitch MacTweakquirk looks over his shoulders so nervously and speaks so loud, he walks in the center of the pack and tries to prove he's within the norm, he isn't the eye of the storm just a minute tragedy, he is a disaster in the making. Another soul spitting sick smoke so black and yellow, spinning downward, falling from flight despite his known ability to fly. But his ungracious fall ends peacefully, feet first.

He watches the universe begin,
When he takes a bath,
or in the meteor shower,
his life just stumbles through the twisted jungle that is his habitat, comfort like a massive hatched smashedin his back, skull split and cracked, but it's just another wild illusion, psychopathic hallucination, like a lab rat gripping these institutional bars, the cage he lives in is his nation. A space station refugee, or native earthling, he feels the natueal pull of seasons birthing fall summer and spring.

But the story switches from allegory to fable in the short stint between birth and maturity, thus begins the sacred search for purity.

"He worries me,"
His mother says,
Her eyes hurt so badly
From crying for love when she didn't have any.