I'm pretty miserable living on campus. I have no time, but never do anything. I waste away my days in classes, or sitting around doing work, reading books that have no meaning to me and my life. I've contemplated moving away, but the truth is that I don't want to leave Asheville where I live. I love this town, I love this area, I love the people and the mountains.
I just hate this campus and the people on it.

I could move, I could just go away, but I have no money, and little experience for such an expedition. I also have no car, which makes leaving town kind of difficult. I miss my friends, who are all either away at whatever college they decided on or still trapped in high school.
I feel so unbalanced here, like nothing is going on here, there's so much activity, but so little matters here. Whenever people aren't doing work, they just drink beer, or smoke, or sit around. Noone ever does anything signifigant, or interesting. I'm stuck in this cycle.
I've considered going to the counseling office here, just because I've paid a whole shit-load of money to be here, I might as well get some free counseling while I'm at it, but I don't really want to share my misery, or spread it (but that didn't stop me from writing this).
Sorry for leaving a downer daylog.