I saw Bob Dylan.
For the third time on May 1st, 2001. He was great, as usual.
One thing that I find amusing is everyone I talked to who thought I was crazy for spending $30 on a ticket to see Bob said something like "He's just going to stand there, not smile, and grunt his songs out for 2 hours then leave."
Basically, Bob did the opposite. He shook his ass when he played guitar, he smiled alot (not alot, but alot for Bob Dylan), and he sung pretty damn clear.

But that's me talking, and I'm an immense Bob fan.
Bob did "If Dogs Run Free" which made me really happy, plus he did my least favorite songs of his, Maggies farm (which was recently covered by Rage Against the Machine) and Rainy Day Women (otherwise know as "that Everybody must get stoned song"). Amazingly, both these songs were pretty good, I liked them alot more than their album versions.
At the show, some stupid woman next to me kept on yelling "Hurricane!!" (asking for the song about Ruben Carter, the boxer wrongly convicted of murder, and the inspiration for the Denzel Washington movie of the same name). I looker right at her after about the thrid time she yelled it (she yelled really loud too), and told her "Look that is a seven and a half minute song on the album so it would be like ten minutes long live, plus there is a woman back up singer on that album and there is a very important violin part in that song" I pointed at the stage and she followed my finger with her eyes "Do you see a woman or a fucking violin on that stage? He's not doing Hurricane!"
I wanted Bob to do Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts, but I didn't yell it out, because I know it has a fiddle in it, and he's not going to do a 6 minute long song (that will take 10 minutes live), and he especially isn't going to do a song without a key instrument.

Other than the annoying bitch next to me, it was a perfect show.

Sarah (my -ex who recently told me off once and for all) saw my Dad at the Bob show (which is peculiar, because she always bitched about how he "can't sing"), and told him to tell me "Hi".
Sarah, if you ever read this, consider my "Fuck You" a hello.

I finished my The Meaning of Life node, which I've been working on for a while, and has alot of different meanings to me, so I suggest you read it, like it, upvote it, C! it, fall in love with me for it, and end up stalking me because of it.

I also went to see Granola Funk Express on April 29, 2001. They were great as usual, and they are about to wrap up their tour, so hopefully they will be playing a few more local shows, since their hometown is my hometown. GFE really makes me appreciate Asheville, NC for the great town it is. I think about how it would be for me if I lived in Winston Salem, NC, with nothing to do but go clubbing. I believe that if I lived there I would think that "hip hop" was Jay-Z or Ja Rule.
No, hip hop is GFE, hip hop is local kids who love to grab a mic, hip hop is groups of DJ's who like to do gigs because they can test out their collections of wax, not some guy with a blurred out logo on his rap video on Mtv.