Today I sarted Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. This is the first real Burroughs book I've ever read before. I say "real" because I've read a biography about him, and a book called "The William Burroughs Reader", which was really alot of nonsense ramblings (Good nonsense ramblings, but it wasn't much of a "book"), and "My Education" which was a book of William Burroughs' dreams, that was published sometime in the late 80's or sometime in the 90's. Basically, I've read Burroughs before, but none of the books that got him the reputation of a "great" (Naked Lunch, Junky etc...).
So, I finished The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (by Tom Wolf, which was beautiful and amazing. (I loved it, and Ken Kesey didn't wake up and it wasn't "all a dream".)
I'm still struggling with "The Search for Truth" by Michael A. Singer. It's just tough to read, it's the kind of book that has tons of information in it. So much, that when I finish a paragraph, I have to stop and re-read it to make sure that I understand it.
I'm just not sure how that one is going to go.

I'm listening to alot of Henry Rollins lately... most of his spoken word stuff, which is great. There's a great thing out there on Napster called The Virtues of Black Sabbath which was the first thing I heard of his and turned me onto him. I'd always liked Black Flag, and knew of Rollins Band, but didn't know about Rollins doing spoken word.
Anyhow, it's good stuff.

Went to work today, nearly cut the tip of my finger off with an arbor press. I figure that since the press can come down with a maximum of 3 tons of pressure, and my finger can probably sustain about 100 pounds (or less) without getting very fucked up... so the press must have come down pretty lighty (relatively speaking) because my finger is still in one peice, and that one peice is still attatched to my hand. Other than it still being whole and attatched it hurts like a motherfucker.