Going to a Granola Funk Express concert tonight!

It's been a while since they've done a show here, usually they tour alot, and do shows here in Asheville, NC when they aren't away, but instead they all have been doing their real jobs.

Anyhow, Asheville has been littered with "GRANOLA FUNK!" flyers all week, so it should be a good show at the Asheville Music Zone.
Plus, they are playing with a rather new hip-hop group called "The Dharma Bums", a kind of GFE spin off group which includes Chach and DJ Needle Exchange.

Yes yes, it will be a fun filled evening of hip-hop-jam-band-DJ-spinning-crazy-music!

So, I'm reading this book about David Koresh and the Waco, Texas Massacre, by David Thibodeau (a Branch Dividian who is one of only nine surivors from the religious group, and only one of four who aren't in prison at the time).
It's really interesting stuff, reminds me a lot about the writings of Howard Zinn, who is a very objective and unbaised historian, and the best in my opinion.
I'm reading about Waco because I realized that I wanted to know about it... that's about it.
Basically, I'm learning from the book what I've known all along, the American government is full of shit.