Today it snowed, alot. I measured 9 inches of snow off my back porch.

Needless to say, I was stuck in the house, so I whipped out good ole Sim City 3000, and started up a city (Tinsel Town, with Mayor Zappa). After about 6 hours of playing I gave in and started using the cheats, then it got really dull (that's what cheats do to good games folks!).

I started a new book today, "A Place Called Waco: a Survivors Story" by David Thibodeau. It's about all the massacre at Waco over that David Koresh deal, you know, when the FBI torched the building and killed all those men, women, and kids. I really wanted to read this because the other day (while listening to someone talking about what a crazy Koresh was) I realized how little I know about the event. I'd like to be able to either defend or ridicule the guy in a conversation, and this book is written by one of Koresh's "disciples" who was present during the Waco incident, and survived.

I was going to develop all the pictures I took at the DJ Spooky show, but the snow seriously fucked up all the roads around here, so I was stuck.
I can only pray that tomorrow will be warmer, to melt the snow and free me from this house for a few hours.