DJ Spooky plays Asheville tomorrow night!

Oh, yes, it will be a joyous and eventful night tomorrow night.

That covers the future, now let's hit the past.
Last night I went to a keg party high upon Town Mountain.
Apparently, alot of people knew about this party, and the host didn't know that the turn out would be as big as it was, so by and by, the keg runs dry by about 12:30 (not by any fault of mine, I was restricted to one Guinness|beer] since I was driving).
Now, when you get a keg, you put down a deposit that you will get back upon returning the keg. Apparently the rather unhappy drinkers didn't know this as they tossed the keg down a hill that turned out to Town Mountain. We all watched as the grey cylinder disappeared into the night, down, down, down the mountain.

What everyone didn't know either was that the keg could be refilled at any time during the night, if a collection was held.
Everyone felt pretty stupid when they found that out.

I had myself a nice little chuckle over that incident.

That covers the future and the past, how about the present?

Nothing is going on today, there may be a show in town or something, a few friends of mine are going to a rave but it is a couple of hours drive from here, so I've decided to stick around.

Other than that, it's sunny, breezy, clear, warm, and just too cool to go swimming.