Basic end to a basic week.

The days just roll by lately, I'm moving out of my house into the college dorms at UNCA. My days creep slowly by, and I'm dealing with my parents alot in strange ways, I think they are dealing with my leaving in strange ways. I know they are experienceing separation anxiety, but it's really getting on my nerves. They feel like they need to be "more of parents" than usual for my last month home. True, we should spend time together, but they dont' need to scold me more, lecture me more, and nag me more.

Although I haven't been doing much on E2 in the past month or two (or three), I've still been writing alot, so I'll be noding some poems soon, I suggest you check out my homenode to read it, I'll probably hard link them to this node also, so you could check back here if you want.
Goo'Bye for now.