Katie was behind a window for some reason, and I'm looking at her, standing in line for something, something I'm used to doing, something with no variation, waiting in line for my food pellet. But tonight there is variation, Katie is behind the window.
Her hair is short, and starting to dread; however, I haven't seen her in about 3 months, so her hair looks a tad longer than I saw it last, it seems to have grown alot since she was around. She's grown up alot too, she was in NYC when the shit hit the fan. She sits up straight, she is confident now. Now that she's been out in the great big scary world, which swallows some whole, now that she's been there and come back alive she believes in herself. I hope. Maybe the world was to much for her, why would she hitchhike to Michigan, NYC, Tennessee, then north again to Indianapolis only to settle back in the southeast, here in Asheville, NC.

This is home. I've known Katie longer than she knows most people who she sleeps with (something I'm glad we never did). Shit, Katie is right in front of me, and I'm standing still.
My body jerks into motion like electric shock, and I run around through the door into the smallish room that stands "behind the window". Katie is sitting down just before me, she leaps up and hugs me, and I hug back, hard.

The embrace lasts forever.

It lasts until about mid-day, when I remember the dream I had, and wonder what KT is doing right now, and say a silent prayer for her.