I'm in Philladelphia, in my dream. I recently came home from Philly, but I'm still there in the dream. I'm smoking a cigarette, which isn't unusual, I've recently quit, but I smoke alot in dreams, but what's unusual is that I was smoking a menthol. (God forbid!) Anyhow, I'm smoking menthols in Philladelphia, reading a newspaper that is printed on red paper with black ink. I'm sitting in a park-ish looking place. It's less of a park and more of a tienamen square type concrete area with lots of benches and a large circular fountain in the center. There are lots of kids skateboarding, however, they look very young, too young to be skating as well as they are. I get distracted by watching the youngsters skateboarding, and drop my cigarette onto the newspaper, and the newspaper catches on fire immediately, as if soaked in kerosene. I throw the paper down, however, don't act startled by the flash fire, I feel more upset about loosing the menthol.
I remember hearing that skateboard-grinding-noise that I find so irritating, the on that comes either when a board grinds on a rail or bench, or when the board is turned perpendicular to the direction that it is moving (understand?).