I move out tomorrow, I move onto campus at UNCA.

It's crazy how it doesn't seem like anything will change.

But I know everything will change.

I try to watch what I do, to study every footstep, but my feet tangle, and I'm a mess.
I'm moving to slow to see.

I've been making beats alot (hip-hop beats), since I bought my DR-202 and SP-202, I've been making music almost more than I listen to it (almost, because I don't count the shit radio that I am forced to listen to in the car since my parent's cars tape deck is fucked up).

My computer that I just built ("Alice" a 1.2 Ghz Tunderbird that is my first box that I built myself) is fucking up a little, I'm sure the bugs will work out, but there are a few problems.
  • When I play a game (Unreal Tournament or Black and White), the computer crashes after a little while, and after a few crashes it currupts something in Windows, and I have to re-format and install windows and everything else. Mind you, the curruption and re formatting only happened once (I only let it happen once), but it still crashes now and then, even though I avoid games. I realize this is a fairly minor problem, probably easily remedied (email me @ help_im_a_rock@yahoo.com if you can help me), but I'm fairly unlearned when it comes to trouble shooting and fixing problems like this.

  • The CD burner (an Aopen 12x 10x 32x) isn't burning, and I'm using Nero, and I'm accustomed to Adaptec (although I dislike Adaptec, and I know I'll like Nero when I get the hang of all of it).
    So I need to solve that problem FAST, because I burn alot of CD's on a regular basis.

I can't wait for the E2 gathering coming up on the 17th, I'm so excited about getting out of Asheville, NC for a while.