OK, Damn it, what can be done with low rep. write ups that are good?!

Seriously, I've been trying to get my three lowest nodes (two -4's and a -3) up at least to zero reputation for the past few days.

My lowest node, Diminishing Freedom in America is really good, the reason why it has been shot down to a low reputation is because once (in a moment of complete mental abberation) I linked to it in the cheddarbox, that's it, only once, on one night, and so everyone who felt so inclined went and downvoted it just because of my nodevertising.

Don't get me wrong, I hate nodevertising, and I don't consider what I'm doing right now to be nodevertising.

I'm not asking for your votes! I'm asking for some kind being out there to go to a node of mine, and read it, and /msg me with a suggestion if you feel so inclined.
My next lowest node is a daylog about a day that "sucked", so I can see why it got voted down, really all I say is "my day sucked, yesterday sucked, this sucks", so I see why it's been voted down, and I'm not into going back to fix a daylog, it's like editing your journal to change your past opinions. I felt shitty on March 29, 2001, so that's what I wrote about in my daylog.

The next lowest is the node for the date of J.D. Salinger's birthday.
It's pretty thread-bare, and there isn't much to it, I had a hard link to another node I did about The Bible's Influence on Catcher in the Rye, but I took the mention of that away a while back for fear that people would downvote it for nodevertising.
In all reality, the node for Salinger's birthdate has very little information on it, when, on the other hand, the other J.D. Salinger node I did has a ton of information in it.

The worst thing about my current period of self-evaluation is that I've been concentrating on soft-linking my nodes so much, and updating old nodes that I've gotten a sort of noders block.
I just haven't been quite driven as much as usual on E2, and I hate that because I just reached level 4, and I really love noding, and reading nodes, I just love it.
But I guess being blocked creatively and inspirationally is better for E2 than if I was just noding a bunch of shit just for the sake of noding it.

Anyhow this is a daylog, I'll tell about my day.

Today I didn't have to go to work (yay!) so I slept until noon, and got out of bed at one.
I went out with my dad to do some shopping (got myself a bike lock and helmet).

Later on I went out with my best friend, Nick (who withdrew, or dropped out as I call it, from high school, much to my disappointment, I told him to stick with it for two more months) and another friend named Bethany.

Nick said we should play mini-golf, so we did.

Imagine your are having a nice little family outing, the whole family family together, Mom, Dad, Buddy, and Sis all playing mini-golf on a sunny afternoon, when all of a sudden you look over by the zebras and see a boy and a girl wrestling on the ground at the a zebra's feet.
The boy is sitting over the girl with a putter raised over his head screaming "How many strokes did I have on the last hole, bitch?" and the girl yells through her hysterical laughter "Four, fuckhead!", then the boy slaps her ass with the putter (hard) and says "Wrong again, I had three."

We all decided that we need to play mini-golf more often.