I have been ignoring my E2 noding responsibilities lately, for a couple of reasons:
  • I got in a car wreck, and have been working with the insurance people, wrecker services, rental car people, and body shops for the past week.
  • The last few times I got on E2 the lags were terrible. Granted, I only have a 56K connection, but it was terrible. I'm glad to see that nate has put something up in News For Noders, hopefully this will help alleviate the problem.
  • I've been spending alot of time with Bethany (YAAAY!!)
  • I guess since there really isn't anything all that positive going on (and I doubt that you want to hear me bitch alot), I'll write about Bethany.
    Basically, I've been friends with her for almost a year and a half, and she just recently broke up with her boyfriend (who she had been with as along as I've known her). I also have grown rather fond of her (not because of her breakup, just because she's... special).
    All in all, I have about a 0% chance of getting together with her, I just know.
    Is it a bad sign when the girl you like tells you about the only guy she's kissed since she broke up with her boyfriend, and she said "He's got a huge dick.... huge... just... wow... giant."
    Hell yes, it's a bad thing, and an even worse feeling.

    It's OK, though, I know it's just a silly little crush I've gotten myself into, the problem is getting out of it.

    I've really been getting into Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, it's an anthology of the DJ, all about it's beginnings, and all the musical genres that have led to the scenes now (rave, jungle, drum and bass).
    I'm learning alot, which means that as soon as I can resume a semi-normal noding schedule I'll start a long string of DJ related informative nodes that will (by my standards, probably) kick ass, so be on the lookout.
    I have also added a little special something to my homenode, something I like to call "The Great Nodeshell C! Give-Away". The basis of this little contest is that there are too many empty nodeshells out there in the E2 wilderness, and that someone should collectively do something about it (I have a list myself that I'm working on), and I want to give people some incentive to fill in the nodeshells.
    To read all about The Great Nodeshell C! Give-Away" go to my homenode.