The other day I was riding my bike around downtown and i saw a gas grill explode.
I was on the opposite side of the street (Murdock, for anyone familiar with downtown {Asheville, NC|Asheville, North Carolina]), and some guy was in his lawn lighting his gas grill (the kind with a little propane tank underneath). As I approach the guy tossed a match into the grill, and a huge flame leaps from the grill. I mean, really fucking huge!.
The flame was well above the roof of most of the one story houses on the block, and easily licked the top branches of surrounding trees.
The guy yelled something, and I stopped pedaling, and put a foot down to watch the fireworks.
The flame died down after it's initial burst, but it was still pretty damn big, and as it shrunk the grill fell over sideways (luckily not pointing towards the road or any houses), so the fire was kind of going into the ground.
I started pedaling away when I saw the guy running from his house with a fire extinguisher.

Not a whole lot happens in my life lately, other than being shot down (more or less) by Bethany, my first real "crush" since my last girlfriend

(I say "crush" for lack of a better term, I'd say that I'm attracted to her, but I'm hoping this will go away, so I can stop feeling rejected sometime soon.)

Yhea, so I've been riding my bike alot lately, and I named my radio show on Free Radio Asheville.
Drumroll please....

The Psychward Soundtrack Radio Show