Single male, 29 years old, 6'0" 170 lbs, enjoys yoga, playing golf, baseball, tennis and comes from strong artistic/theological background. Personal assets include various works of art, a small plot of natural gas producing land as well as The Beatles. Graduated cum laude from business school in '04, and achieved Presidents List status for 8 consecutive semesters. Was editor of high school newspaper, and won various UIL prizes in writing throughout scholastic career. Attended law school on scholarship and was inducted into the Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity for having written highest-graded brief amongst the school's Legal Research and Writing department the first semester. Took hiatus from legal studies to spend 3 years in outer-space learning about social engineering and how to manipulate space and time. Knows how to fly and will make you come so hard your life will temporarily cease. SEEKS modest, pansexual female. 20-40 years old with a little nose, under 5'3" 110 lbs (B-cup or less preferred) and natural inclination towards high heels. Must have a good sense of humor and a strong disconnect, if not total disregard of reality. Non-disclosure agreement required. NO SKIING.