This morning I got to encounter a new form of evil. It comes in the form of and iBook user. It doesn't understand "not really supported" or "the colors will not be pretty in X11". This is the sort of evil that says, "It's okay, I'll just be happy to have Linux installed on something. "

That is not what the evil truly means. It really means, "I'm to dumb to understand how to partition my own computer, but think that I am smart enough to run beta software on an unsupported machine, and expect your help to boot!"

Then I got to have fun screwing in the parking lot behind the office. The office manager and I decided that screwing in the signs for our parking spaces might be a tad bit more effective than the usual taping them to the metal walls method. The metal on the building is a bit thicker than I would have expected, however, and it turns out that the power drill is not as powerful as it claims. It ran out of juice just three signs into the process. I spent another hour looking for the battery charger. It could not be found anywhere.

Well, that is my rant so far for the day. Otherwise, it has not been to bad of a day. I had a car yesterday, as the result of an excursion to Cupertino to play with colorful plastic computers. That was a nightmare. Developers are the worst people to try and babysit. However, it was nice to have access to a car. I picked up a man on a street corner in the Mission, then we drove (of course, it is such a novelty to have a car.) We ended up in at the top of Mount Tam in Marin. That was quite nice. I am fairly dirty as a result, and have not yet changed my jeans. I guess that's why I don't work in a field that requires a business suit, though.