Leah in Germany - 11 Jan 2001

I had a nice Frühstück this morning, not in the Cantina (see January 10, 2001). I think I should go grocery shopping at some point and get some things to stock the apartment with, so I have some food and coffee around, at least. The apartment is very brown. The couch is brown, the bed (the very small bed) is brown, the floor is brown, the doors are brown . . . Maybe I will have to find something colorful to decorate the couch with.

It stopped snowing today. I have predicted an earthquake will come next. It would be interesting to see an earthquake in Germany. It would probably be pretty bad, as Germany is not really designed for one. All of the brick buildings would be the first to go. Let us not forget all of the tiled roofs. It seems there is some strange German law that requires anyone building a building to put a tile roof on it except in very strange circumstances. Even with strange circumstances, you need to have a signed approval from 50% of the townspeople, the Pope, and the manager of the local Biergarten. The tile roofs are quite nice, and look very pretty, but I don't think that they would last very long in a major earthquake.

Arg. I had already added the rest of this day-log, and then my X11 session crashed before I had saved the changes.

The rest of the day was not that exciting. I went and had lunch at a place called Doner Kebap. They have garlic, and they are not afraid to use it. I got some more power adaptors while I was out so that I can now plug in my PowerBook without always constantly having to steal Olaf's power supply all day long.

After this, I went to dinner. Marc showed me this nice place to have potato soup and listen to depressing music (and drink bier, of course). They had a really nice sound system. All the better to depress you with, my dear.

I went to bed quite early, as for some reason I have been getting tired around 7 or 8 at night or so. This makes no sense at all, as it is 3 or 4 in the afternoon Pacific time. At any rate, I have been getting wonderful amounts of sleep as a result, and have lots of energy. I think I am beginning to scare the German people.