I'm off to Deutschland in January

Well, I am sitting over at Apple once again, messing with the evil iBook. iBook's are inherently evil. As I was waiting for yet another test kernel to compile, I decided to read some email.

Due to plane ticket issues (see December 4, 2000 by heinous for details) beyond my control, I am incredibally tight on cash this month. Well, I received a message from my roommate about money owed this month. I had already given him a blank check to fill out accordingly, so he was just checking with me on the amount, first. I forgot about the money I owed him toward some expenses for this Halloween party we had last month. I owed him more than was in my bank account. I had arranged to borrow some money from The Framebuffer Guy (AKA: James), to get me through the end of the month. Unfortunately, it takes a little time for me to get money deposited in my bank account, as there are no local branches and I have to mail my deposits to Georgia. I have never even lived in Georgia. This, in and of itself, is a long story. At any rate, I would have been screwed if he had filled out that check, so it was good that he didn't. He was cool with just grabbing half of the amount for now, and waiting until the rest of my account is okay. This was very relieving. I have not known my roommate very well, and was hoping he would not be flying into a fit of rage over my negligence.

There were two more emails worth noting:

One message came in from the nasty company that won't feel sorry me and my screwed up plane ticket situation. They wrote to tell me that they messed up my second booking, and had to change the flight times slightly. That was a big surprise. (Again, see December 4, 2000 for the full story on that. The times they changed the flights to were not too terrible, but they get me in slightly later on Chrismas Eve than I was expecting.

By now you are wondering about the Germany heading, and why I haven't written anything up to this point about it. Or maybe you are not.

The third email that I received was from a fellow named Olaf, with whom I confer on an almost daily basis regarding our PPC Port. He works for the same company that I do, except in Germany. To my delight, he was able to get approval for me to come over to Germany for a few weeks to do some work with the PPC guys over there! I am very happy, because I love traveling, and missed going to Germany when I was in Europe a while back. This means that the end of December to the beginning of February will be pretty crazy for me. That is an understatement, of sorts. Here is the itiniary:

  • December 24 - January 30: Trip to Chicago and Northern Indiana for Christmas.
  • January 6 - January 26: Playing with PPC Machines in Germany.
  • January 29 - February 2: New York, for a tradeshow.

Thus, life will be a very strange for the next couple of months. I am quite excited. There is nothing more fun than traveling around, in my opinion.