The war is over, and I have come out with a few bruises and some plane tickets.

struggleStruggled all day long. I was feeling pretty low today. Thursday is yet another day when I have to deal with stupid people for a good deal of the day. That wasn't what was getting me down so much, really. A great deal of this was attributed to the fact that there is a good chance that the friend, who was supposed to be graduating, may not be able to walk tomorrow, because he is not finished with one project. Then, to top things off, I get news that my manager (or the guy who thinks he's my manager today) doesn't want me to go down to LA on Friday either. (For the graduation that may not happen.)

"There are some scripts I'd like you to write for the IMAP server product," he says.

"I might not be in tomorrow."


It was determined that the SO wasn't going to come to LA with me. Why should this bother me? I haven't really known him that long, but somehow I was really hoping we could spend some time down there.

At this point, I will go to LA if my friend miraculusly remedies the situation in the middle of the night tonight, but otherwise I will stay. It might be a good idea to stay anyway. I will be doing a lot of traveling in the next 6 weeks, and cleaning, doing laundry, and various other such things, might be a good idea.

My mood started to pick up after adding to my new living sculpture of soda cans, old software boxes, liquid oxygen, and other random trinkets that has begun to organize itself out of the mess at my desk that I wallow in.

After much intense battle, frustration, and miscommunication], I was able to obtain tickets for the trip to Germany. That was a battle I would not relish repeating. Things are a bit too disorganized in the office these days. I also found tickets to New York for only $280. That was a pretty decent deal, if I do say so myself. The tickets I found to Munich were about $603. Decent, but they could have been better.

It was such a relief to finally have that over and done with. I feel as though the weight of a thousand seals has been lifted from my shoulders. I celebrated by going to the Oakland Chamber of Commerce cultural mixer. That was interesting. Free food is good food, however. Only in Oakland, would such an event be so colorful. It was held in a bar in China Town.

I am so pathetically geeky that I actually went back to work after this. I finished up some crap, and went home. Upon arriving home, I wanted nothing more than to collapse. Somehow one of my co-workers managed to convince me that I should ride my bike, in the rain, back to the office, so we could go to a local blues club for a nightcap. It was a nice mellow time.

Now, the cat is perched on top of the monitor batting at the mouse every time I move it.