The front seat of the car is interesting.

That is the only real comment that I have on this past weekend. After going down to Santa Cruz, I feel refreshed, not pooped, as one might expect. Especially after discovering exactly how interesting the front seat of a VW Golf can really be. I will leave that comment to the imagination, however.

I drove down with this guy who might be my boyfriend. It is hard to say, because these things are so ill-defined these days, and I hate to piss anyone off by referring to him as such if that is not the case. At any rate, he's the fellow I've been hanging with for the last month. We met in Vegas, strangely enough, though I live in Oakland and he lives in San Francisco. This is the way it is in the computer industry, I suppose. It was my first time down in Santa Cruz. He used to live there for a while, so it was not his first time (I have a keen and highly developed talent for pointing out the obvious.)

We went to a very entertaining concert, which was a lot of fun. His "Ex" was there hanging around for a good deal of that, which was strangely weird to me. I don't really know why this was weird, but I didn't really know how to act or what to say. It was strangely more annoying than I would expect, I was mad at myself for being annoyed. How childish. She seems like a very cool person, I just don't know what to say . . . it's not like we are likely to be best friends or anything. She doesn't seem all that friendly toward me either, and I guess that is what made me uncomfortable. It's probably all in my silly female head, though. I'm sure I'll deal.

We hung around, partied, saw the scenery, etc. It was a really good time. Didn't really leave until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. Sunday, we slept in, ate at a Jewish Deli (I am addicted to matzo ball soup and latkes), got ice cream, drove around in the Berkeley hills, and hung out with his parents. I don't know if any of you caught the last part of that, but let me repeat it: "and hung out with his parents." It wasn't exactly planned out that way, but he needed to return the car and such, and given the fact that we were in Berkeley at the time, it was easier to go straight to Albany, than to go to Oakland and drop me off, and then meet up later. It was a lot of fun, actually. I always enjoy meeting people's families. It is facinating to me for some reason. They all seemed like cool people. I met Mom, Dad, the brother, and the brother's girlfriend.

Today was a typical Monday, I'd rather not discuss it, in all honesty. I finally got home from work, and for some reason whipped out the classical guitar book, and decided to attempt to learn how to read damned sheet music Sheet music annoys me, but seems necessary somehow. I think I'll have a beer and read the end of "The Cryptonomicon" by Neil Stephenson.