A band formed from the ashes of R&B bands The fix and The Roamers, Dr Feelgood debuted with Down By The Jetty (1975), unusual for its mono recording, and broke the UK chart with Malpractice (1975). Popular live, playing mainly in and around London, the band became forerunners of the media-coined 'Pub Rock' movement. Their set Stupidity (1976) topped the UK chart, but their momentum was halted when the robotic guitarist Wilko Johnson left, taking his distinctive guitar sound with him. For Sneakin' Suspicion (1977), John Mayo joined and Feelgood flourished through the late 70s, notably with 1979's UK Top 10 hit 'Milk And Alcohol', allegedly penned by band comrade Nick Lowe after witnessing bluesman John Lee Hooker in concert.

The band broke up in 1982, but vocalist and guitarist Lee Brilleaux perserved with fluctuating line-ups until his untimely death from throat cancer.

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