Singer Billy Wycherly was spotted at a gig in Liverpool by impressario Larry Parnes, who christened him Billy Fury. He started touring and released his first hit for Decca, 'Maybe Tomorrow', in 1959. By March 1960, he hit UK No.9 with his own composition 'Colette', followed by 'That's Love' and his first album The Sound Of Fury (1960). After further hits and sacking his band The Blue Flames- which included keyboardist Georgie Fame- Fury abandoned Rock 'n' Roll for MOR hits such as 'Halfway To Paradise' and 'Jealousy' (both 1961).

After he appeared in the movie I've Gotta Horse (1965) and more UK hits, Fury began a lengthy abscence from the charts in 1966 and underwent surgery for heart problems. In 1974, he came out of retirement to play Rock 'n' Roller Rocky Tempest in the movie That'll Be The Day. In 1982, while making a TV show and recording songs for a comeback, Fury was hospitalized after a heart attack. He died in January 1983, of heart disease, aged 41.

Sources: Half Way To Paradise
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