What a day.

Got up at 7:45 AM EST. Ate breakfast, some hygiene. No shower, it was my first day at work, and work is dirty anyway. And I didn't smell.

Got to work at 9. 20 minute drive. This guy Warren hired me, he is a contractor who fixes up houses. He pays cash. Good thing if you're an immigrant and Uncle Sam doesn't want you to work in the US of A.

So I get there at 9 AM, and wait about 10 minutes for Warren to show up. Why are Americans always late? Anyway, he turns out to be a real nice guy. Some other guy by the name of James pulls up, he has a firm handshake. Good thing.

So we start fixing up the house, a nice house indeed. Nice neighbourhood, pool, canal access with dock. I get the bad work...roughing up all the woodwork with sandpaper. Yay. So I am there on my knees on tiles and carpet for about four hours roughing up all the doors and the rest of the woodwork.
Then I got to fill all the holes in the walls. After that rough up all the walls in the house. Fun, exitement. Lastly, squeeze calk(sp?) on top of the little woodpannels and spread it nicely. That stuff made my hands stick together.

James is a weird but fun guy. He is 43 (I think), and he has been through a lot of weird stuff. So he is sitting there telling me that I should go to school as long as I can (that's what I do). He didn't. He dropped out of school at age 15, took his GED at 16, and could've gone to college. His dad was rich, he had a big college fund for him. But he didn't go. He took a job pressure cleaning roofs. $800 a week, he said. That's why he didn't take the job at the post office that was offered to him by his dad who was in charge there. His dad didn't talk to him for 5 years after that.
Other tales include how he got 90 days jail for firing a gun in the air when he was attacked with bottles by 5 drunk teenagers, and how he just got pulled over 30 minutes ago on his way to Circle K.

Anyway, work was OK and I wasn't bored. I got paid $8 an hour, not bad.

So on my way home I stop by my best friend's house. He just got DSL yesterday and I have to say it is pretty sweet. 150 MB in 25 minutes ain't bad. I wish I had it. But then again, I have no money. And a girlfriend (or so I thought).

Then I went home. This is when my day turned bad.

I tried to call Valerie, my girlfriend. Busy. I go online, see her on AIM. I say 'Hi, how are you. I tried to call.' The answer is 'ok. u?'
Usually she talks more. And not in these stupid abbreviations.
Me:'Do you want to go out tonight?'
Her:'Not really.'
me:'Why not?'
her:'I have a problem'

So I call her, to find out what the problem is.
Turns out that the 'problem' is that she 'has been thinking,' and came that she likes me 'really really really really much.' She just isn't 'ready for another relationship.'
She tells me that. In those exact words.
I don't believe it. Why did she go out with me in the first place? Why didn't she make up her mind earlier? Why did she make me fall in love with her?

I wish I knew the answer, but I don't.
She said that she 'needs some time,' and that we maybe can get 'back together' when she is 'ready for it.'


That guy James at work today said 'people suck. Why? Because they always fuck you over, no matter if you're friends with them for 15 years or just a bum on the street.'
Maybe he is right.

But I won't be the judge on that, at least not now.

She has been the first American girl ever to catch my attention. After being single for 2 fucking years, I finally find one, just to be fucked over.

Maybe there is a god, and he/she/it hates me for not believing in him/her/it. But then again, I don't give a shit. Not anymore.

Good night, E2.