In December of 2000 the SCI FI Channel aired a six-hour miniseries version of Frank Herbert's Dune. It was written and directed by John Harrison, the executive producers were Richard P. Rubinstein and Mitchell Galin, and produced by David Kappes.

The cast included Academy Award-winner William Hurt as Duke Leto Atreides, international star Giancarlo Giannini as Emperor Shaddam IV, newcomer Alec Newman as Paul Atreides, Matt Keeslar as Feyd, Ian McNeice as Baron Harkonnen, Barbera Kodetova as Chani, and Saskia Reeves as Jessica.

The crew included three time Academy Award winner (Apocalypse Now) Vittorio Storaro as cinematographer, Theodor Pistek (Oscar winner for his work on Amadeus) as costume designer, Ernest Farino as visual effects supervisor, and Miljen "Kreka" Kljalkovic as production designer.

The miniseries featured impressive digital animations and special effects, and had a good cast of actors. IMHO it is a great tribute to the excellent novels written by Frank Herbert.

The VHS/DVD is available on Amazon.com.