a/k/a Operation Iraqi Freedom

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So deep is the fierce thirst to lay This ancient country waste
Which once gave laws to all of humankind,
That you are wholly blind
And don't see how your quarrels pave the way
For enemies who press you thick and fast.

--Nicolo Macchiavelli, Hymn of the Blessed Spirits


Noders have been writing about a second war with Iraq since at least February 11, 2001, when mrichich posted a humorous but prophetic writeup entitled The Gulf War II betting pool.

This metanode presents links to writeups about the threatened war on Iraq, and related topics, posted during the year 2003.

For writings posted prior to 2003, see War on Iraq 2002. For writings on the 1991 war, see Gulf War.

As events unfold, I will try to present contemporaneous writings together. If I miss anything, please drop me a /msg.

Current Debate (January 1, 2003 to the present)

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