August Stats:



(not including Writeup Deletion by request)

  • closed source: one short writeup from E1 serves as a summary. Two is one too many. I killed the one with spelling errors.
  • Human Traffic: a self-absorbed and grammatically inept "me-too" appendage to an existing writeup.
  • tool controversy: a near incomprehensible rant, apparently about the names of one or two musical groups and some person, place or thing called Maynard. I guess I'm not cool enough to understand the finer points.



  • That which does not kill me, makes me stronger. It would be interesting to hear a serious critique, in light of Nietzsche's remarks in, say, Ecce Homo on why he is so clever and why he writes such great books. ANything short of that is GTKY in my humble opinion.
  • No firmlinks this month.

Copyright Compliance Report

Pursuant to the new proactive policy, the boss suggested to us that we review our own writeups for copyright violations.

Lucky for me, my enthusiasm for posting lyrics was shortlived and cleaned up a few months ago. I still had a copy of Richard Hugo's poem, "Degrees of Gray in Phillipsburg" in my writeup about Dick Hugo. I was using it to illustrate what Dick mean by "the triggering town" in precisely the way he used it in his creative writing class. From my perspective, that constituted "fair use", and the risk of being sued by Dick Hugo's estate is probably nil.

The poem is longer than 250 words, however, so it violates the new rules (excerpts are not to exceed 10% or, for short poetry, 250 words). Having definitive rules to work with is a lot more practical than trying to guess legal exposure. Moreover, the new policy isn't about liability, it's about respect. I show my respect for the poet, by not ripping off his poem, and my respect for the author of a website about the poet by referring to it.