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To take control of all your lives. Along with a few other things that have less ambition to them.
ROCKCLIMBING!!!! Guitar. And pizza making.
J D's pizza. Who's your pizza daddy!!!
Do what you like doing. Even when you suck so badly that nobody else knows why you keep doing it.(take my guitar skills for example)
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Hi, did you ever meet someone that thought that he was always right, and would never let you tell him that he was wrong. No! Well now yo have. yep that's me. I am always right and never wrong and there is nothing you can say to change this misslead belief!!!

Well now that I've got that out of my system. I need to learn how to write.(Some of you have already let me know that in your response to is the customer always right) I love to write, i just down right suck at it. So the out come of this fact is that i will need alot of help learning not to suck at it.

O.K. for those of you who are intrested. I enjoy Rock Climbing more than any thing else on earth. So i will be gone for months at a time on Climbing and Backpacking trips. That i about all there is to know about me beside's the fact that i can't spell, and i love Flogging Molly.