Fred Hampton was a model Black Panther. He joined the Civil Rights group at the age of 19 and rose to lead the Chicago Chapter at age 20. He worked to organize the Black Panther Party's Free Breakfast Program, an program that fed entire neighborhoods of poor people in black neighborhoods. Fred's Charisma and discipline made him a threat to the USAmerican government.

On December 4th, 1969, Fred Hampton was executed in his Chicago apartment by a group of police who entered his house without a warrant. They invaded at 2AM and entered with automatic weapons, which is not police protocol. Also not part of police protocol was the connection to COINTELPRO, the FBI's attempt to destroy the civil rights movement and the use of a spy to infiltrate the Black Panther Party, (BPP). In fact they used dozens of spies, one of which was William O'Neal, the man who prepared Fred Hampton's last meal and laced it with secobarbital, a sedative that made him vulnerable to the early morning invasion.

Many reports of the incident show pictures of smiling cops and walls riddled with hundreds of bullet holes.

Sleeping next to Fred in his bed was his girlfriend Akua Njeri. Being created inside Akua Njeri was Fred Hampton Jr..

In 1990 Fred Hampton Jr. was made president of his local chapter of the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (NPDUMO), (which is now known as InPDUM), a group dedicated to the issue of democratic rights for African people, and the belief that self-determination is the highest expression of Democracy.

Fred Hampton was essentially following in his father's footsteps. Had COINTELPRO not been ended when it successfully ended the Civil Rights Movement, Fred Hampton Jr. might have had the priveledge of an in-home execution just like his father. Instead on May 19, 1993, Fred Hampton Jr., was sentenced to 18 years in prison for firebombing a Korean Merchant's market. During the trial he was not allowed to use his actual birth name because of the association with his father.

Various elements of his case included that there was no actual evidence of a fire, no fire truck came to the scene, Fred Hampton Jr. was not allowed any character witnesses and when his mother, Akua Njeri, testified she had her character attacked by the prosecution with questions about her association with the BPP and the NPDUM and other things not regarding her son's case, even though she was called in to testify as to her son's whereabouts on the night of the incident.

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