I was counting the days to get my hands on this book. I spent 50 bucks on the hardcover edition to gain 4 weeks over the paperback.

After reading the first two volumes. I was starting to wonder how Hamilton would manage to bring all those countless story threads to a nice conclusion and how he could surpass the first two books in terms of suspense.

He was halfway successful. Everything comes to a fine conclusion, no loose ends, but I was still dissatisfied, the excellent first and second volumes have set very high expectations that weren't completely fulfilled by 'The Naked God'. The general trouble of final volumes is that bringing everything to a nice ending takes so much space and effort that there's not enough space to introduce new things, thus there's nothing like the fireworks of ideas of The Reality Dysfunction. But that's not Hamilton's fault, that's just a problem of final volumes.

Nevertheless, the book is a page-turner, a must-read for everyone who read the first two volumes.