Watch your step upon the fragile, eggshell laden ground that is texxxtual arrangement, formatting, if you will. Actually, feel free to
                      s t o m p     all over
It can be sort of fun.

It's true that sometimes people abuse this sort of thing, or that people misinterpret it from time to time. Sometimes words sprawled haphazardly across a page do mean something, sometimes there is a specific reasoning behind them. While I'm not discounting the previous write-ups content, I just think that we have to be kind of careful as to what we peg down as such.

The arrangement of text can be very critical in conveying meaning, or it can be very insignificant. It depends on the content, and sometimes it adds much to the f l o w, or lack thereof, in a piece of poetry.

What are you saying here? Don't be too quick to judge every poetic work with madly arranged text, as some are prone to do. That would be quite similar to reading with your eyes closed.

I tend to over-analyze a lot of things, finding meaning others don't/can't/haven't.. it makes life more interesting.