Though some seem to be confused from time to time, I am not hamstergirl, and she, is not me. I notice that people tend to get our nodes confused quite often, that is, compliment me on one of hamstergirl's creations. Not that I mind unwarranted praise, but I guess it's not really fair for me to say, "Yes, I spent hours on that one, thank you, thank you..", being that I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I first noted hamstergirl's existence after she'd created her tenth node, and immediately I was leary...

"Another hamster, hm.. this could be trouble", I said to myself.

Then I proceeded to read her nodes thoroughly, each and every one, observing, noting.. and, well, she's infinitely dreamy. *gasp* Then came the fear of replacement! What if she were to start spewing the same sort of content as me? Oh, oh nooo... I thought of hiring an e2 hitman, but in the end, I could not bare to put an end to such a glorious little human. So, where did that leave me? It left me feeling like Lisa on that episode of The Simpson's when Alyson (sp?) goes to school and starts to replace Lisa. I thought of trying to steal one of her nodes and hiding it under some floorboards but, no, no.. I'm not like that. "IT'S THE BEATING OF THAT HIDEOUS HEART!", etc.,etc. Well, anyway, I guess it really wasn't that bad, but still, what was to be done? *breathe*

Nothing, really. ToasterLeavings reminded me of the outcome of that episode, there is room enough in the world for two hamster's. Praise Reverend Frog for giving Toasty the wisdom to tell me that. (Oh, right, you all must know that nothing he comes up with is from his own mind, but rather, he translates the thought'y content of the blow-up but brilliantly mad Reverend Froggie!) There is something to be said for someone who can translate froggy talk.. where was I?

Oh, right. hamstergirl. She's endearing, she's dreamy, she's... probably the only person I don't mind being mistaken for. Though, I'll have to insist that everyone be sure who the node actually belongs to.. I am the hamster bong, she is the hamstergirl.

The most frightening part of it all, is that she seems to have much in common with me, at least from what I've gathered from her writing. Creepy. In a good way, though.. I love you leedle hamstergirl, together we will slowly take over the world. Sort of like pinky and the brain, you know?

Hamsters are territorial creatures, you know, especially the females.. ;)

I'm in no way insinuating my write-up content is as dreamy as hamstergirl's, this is all an on-going joke of sorts around my home because my brother uses e2 as well.