The little moose that sits before me, bathed in the glow of my monitor, I just got him today. The little moose with the Canadian flag upon his chest, it's a beanie moose, I love it. I love it not because it's "cute", though it is, but because it was given to me by my father, a surprise gift that he picked up for me.

This little moose with the tiny, sweet ears.. the sad, beady eyes.. he makes me cry, literally brings me to tears. I look at him and I think that my dad is very sick, I think that he might not be around that much longer, and I cry because this moose will become something to remember him by, a little piece of him amongst many others.

I guess I shouldn't dwell, right? I should just take it day by day, not worry what might happen, focus on what is happening. It just isn't that easy, not today.. not today.