It's true, they do, I'm not one of them. In the trying too hard spectrum I fit in the lower end, that is, if the trying too hard spectrum were sitting upon a table or something, I'd be laying on the floor. I don't try, I don't care to try and gain the affections of any one little human. I learned that lesson long ago.. there is no point in me trying to look picture perfect (not that I could, any way) 24/7 in case I might wander into a potential mate accidetally. I mean, who cares? If they don't like my messy hair, my volatile emotions and my plain fairly boring clothing, then they don't like me.

I'm not passing judgement.. I'm just so tired of watching all of these naturally pretty, intelligent girls trying so hard to gain the admiration of the opposite sex through whatever means possible. I see it all the time, and it's sad to me.. I wish that everyone could just be themselves instead of what they think everyone wants them to be or look like.

Ah well, I wish being yourself were important to more people than it is..

"Some girls try too hard to impress with the way that they dress, with those things on their chests and the things they suggest to me.." - The Party Song, Blink 182 (Granted those aren't the most impressive, "deep" lyrics, but they accentuate my point.)