almost expected, fire violence crashing explosions, it has been quite some time since i've been foolish enough, innocent enough, to believe that people do not really want to hurt other people. i sometimes feel numbed by everything that has happened. when i do not, i wish i did, as it is almost favourable. i'd guess there are enough people who have forgotten how to feel, though, i'd rather not fall among them.

i've watched it grow, watched the little things that happen in a universe... i have always loved small things. little pieces of a life that create everything. they are the smiles between strangers. the child eyes-closed-dreaming on a fathers shoulder.

these are the things we are missing.

this is all so fleeting. you'll blink and the small thing will turn into a million others that will disappear in another instant, this is not television and this is not thousands of miles away, this is where we are. this is what happens when too many people forget how to really feel. each person is so tiny. you are gone and away faster than you would like to believe there are trees older than any of us that would tell you all not even they can remember when this started. it just is.

you stand with your hands inside your pockets and stare at things that aren't moving because no one knows what to say, these days. we'll still be screaming at eachother over oceans, across the world, years from now. we've made the big things small, and forgotten what is real, mostly because we did not know in the first place. mostly because we will never know.