If you ever decide to attend a rodeo, be leary of bringing cameras, especially of the video sort, along with you. They are quite careful, though not so much at larger ones like the Calgary Stampede, about animal rights activists.

It would seem to me that there are really valid concerns as to the welfare of the animals at such things. A lot of livestock are injured, even killed, at these events. While it can be neat to watch, I guess, it just grates on my nerves at times that humans can find such delight in watching the manipulation of innocent creatures for our entertainment.

Of course I say this after having watched the entire Calgary Stampede on television. Somewhat hypocritical, but I still don't condone it. I've a fascination with cowboys in general, but I really doubt that they spent a lot of time roping calves for something to do. (Or maybe they did, what do I know?)

My father once went to a rodeo in Alberta with my uncle and brought along the video camera. The announcer had to make a point of telling everyone that he was videotaping it for the kids, or it probably would have been confiscated or stolen/destroyed by someone. I guess they really get a lot of complaints and the like for what they do.. shocking.