Oh, right, poetry.com. This place is hilarious.. what they do is have you submit your poetry and then offer to put it into an overly expensive book that no one important will ever read. Thus, the catch here is this: you end up giving them money (if you're stupid enough), and they make a killing by selling crappy books (that probably look good, I've never bought one). I entered one poem a long time ago just to see what happened, and I soon figured out it was all pretty lame/stupid.

The funniest thing was when they sent me a "congratulations you're the dreamiest poet ever" thing for someone else's poem, because I sure hadn't written the piece of complete crap that they were trying to say was mine. Ah well.. I suppose the illusion that someone really likes your poetry enough to put it into a book might be fun for some people, so if you've got some time to waste.. enjoy! (Their form letters are really fun, aren't they?)

Oh, simply ignoring their mailing's is sufficient. They are fairly infrequent and therefore not too entirely terrible.