one night in a darkened motel room, in the midst of a somewhat trying, exceedingly long road trip, the plumpeachricot was born, at least, in its verbal/textual form.

i had casually opened the drawer on the bedside table to discover a bible, which is of course quite common in motels all over the place. i was somewhat restless, if not a little starved for amusement, so i flipped it open and proceeded to read it, twisting the holy text to entertain myself. (not that i have much trouble finding oddly humorous things in the bible anyway.)

well, when i reached a small portion pertaining to "mounting camels", i felt obligated to laugh like the immature teen that i was, and still am to a point. yes, i know, i'm going to hell or some such nonsense. ah well, 'least i'll be warm.. after so many years in canada, i welcome it.

so, after that cheap laugh i decided to read on.. and found some little blurb about three things uniting, and a mention of fruit. i set the bible aside and prepared my own little speech about three fruits uniting into one to form the almighty 'plumpeachricot'. i have no idea if these fruits were even mentioned in what i was reading, or if i heard that somewhere else, because it was quite some time ago. i was just reading through a node about made up fruits and this came to mind..

i'd note some of the other stuff that i said that night, but i don't want to stir up a bunch of biblical/religious controversy, there's enough of it as is.